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You can't have discipline if you don't have drive and you can't have drive if you don't have purpose.⁣

This year, I want to challenge EVERYONE watching this video right now, including you (yes YOU!) to live intentionally. ⁣ Your purpose is your "why". Your "why" will drive your energy, your intentions and most importantly your actions.⁣ This year, it won't be those cute motivational posts, or "good vibes" or inspirational videos that will keep you grounded, but rather it'll be your purpose that holds you accountable to the life that you live and the decisions you make every day.⁣ In the wake of Kobe Bryant's passing, I thought I'd use the last segment of our #2020fitnesscampaigan as an opportunity to encourage us to put a little more thought, intention, and consideration into everything we do. ⁣ From the time we wake up to when we lay our heads down, make it every single moment count towards your purpose and your calling.

Written By ~ Tolu Kolade

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